An Open & Affirming Church

In January 2005, First Congregational Church of St. Louis voted to become an Open and Affirming Church (ONA for short).

What does that mean? It means that we have publicly declared ourselves open to all as full participants in the life and ministry of our church. We feel that being an ONA church is an important part of deepening our identity as a church that believes there is room for all at the table, to spread the good news of God’s love, and to be a community for all our brothers and sisters.

What difference does this make? By providing access, we are truly able to welcome people throughout the full course of their lives, from infancy through old age. We can say, with integrity, “neither height, nor depth, nor any other circumstance can separate our members from the love of God – or from the gathered community of the church.”

Visit the UCC Coalition for LGBT concerns and find out what the UCC is doing on the National Front. The coalition continues to work to provide support for nearly 1,000 existing ONA churches and to reach the 4,000 other congregations in the UCC. And they are responding to calls to expand what ‘Open and Affirming’ means as we all strive to include and advocate for all diversities and to empower ourselves to act for social change.

United Church of Christ TV ad: Inclusion of all

Our Open and Affirming Promise

We welcome all those who come to worship God and declare ourselves to be open to all for participation in the full life and ministry of the church regardless of age, race, gender, religious background, physical/mental abilities, or sexual orientation.

We strive to be affirming of all people as children of God, and to provide a safe physical, emotional, and spiritual haven.

As a declared ‘Open and Affirming’ congregation, we commit ourselves to work to end ignorance, fear, hatred, prejudice, and discrimination against all people.

Click to learn more about the UCC movement.  We carry a strong message of faith and inclusion for all.  Watch the video to learn more about the UCC’s movement in these efforts and in its message.

Members of our Congregation show our support in the community. We participate in the Pride Parade in Tower Grove to show our support for LGBT members and of our decision to be Open and Affirming. We also seek to live justice in our own lives.

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