Our Sanctuary Windows

“The stained glass windows which adorn First Congregational Church lend a quiet beauty and warmth of feeling not only to the Sanctuary of both church and chapel, but also to the person entering for silent prayer and meditation. These windows seem to bring light and life to what would otherwise be a rather uninspiring meeting place.”

To commemorate the cleaning and restoring of our sanctuary windows, we have uploaded the complete book by Paul Simpson McElroy to our website. This book was originally put together and made available to our congregation in 1986, thanks to the efforts of the Women’s Fellowship, and it provides the reader with an extensive and informative history of the beautiful stained glass windows in FCC’s sanctuary.

You can access the complete book in one file, or chapter by chapter, by clicking below.

Click here for the complete book.

01 – Foreword
02 – The Tiffany Windows
03 – The Children’s Window
04 – The Lottie G. Merrell Window
05 – Sanctuary Windows – The Bixby Window
06 – Sanctuary Windows – The Burnham Window
07 – Sanctuary Windows – The Oonk Window
08 – Sanctuary Windows – The Wunderlich Window
09 – Sanctuary Windows – The Jacoby Window
10 – Sanctuary Windows – The Centennial Window
11 – Sanctuary Windows – The Hoyt Window
12 – Sanctuary Windows – The Baer Window
13 – Sanctuary Windows – The Porter Window
14 – Sanctuary Windows – The Brunson Window
15 – Sanctuary Windows – The Hagemann Window
16 – Summary of Lancet Topics
17 – Chapel Medallions
18 – The Parlor Windows
19 – Statistical Information

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