Building Use

First Congregational Church offers a warm welcome to community groups who wish to use our facility. We are happy to offer hospitality and share our space with our mission partners those who wish to nurture community and make a difference in the world.

If you are interested in holding an event at FCC, Please read the FCC Building Use Policy & Procedures below, then contact our church office about scheduling your event by clicking HERE.

For our list of rates, please click HERE.


It is the policy of First Congregational Church of St. Louis, UCC to utilize its building and facilities to support its mission and vision, membership and related organizations, as well as selected not-for-profit organizations that meet the guidelines established by First Congregational Church. Our priorities for building use are as follows:

Members or other events involving First Congregational Church’s ministries will always have first priority.

Events sponsored by FCC members will have second priority.

Requests for usage of FCC’s facilities by those outside of FCC membership will be given consideration as third priority.

The group liaison shall take personal responsibility or be authorized by the organization to sign the Facility Usage Agreement and assume any and all liability for any damage to the church or its property arising from the event. The appointed liaison shall also assume responsibility for the security of premises and appropriate handling of keys, as noted in the agreement.

Users of FCC facilities agree to use the utmost care in the use of the facilities and building, and agree to leave First Congregational Church in good, clean condition with lights turned off and doors securely shut and locked.

Users understand that, should a conflict develop in scheduled usage of FCC facilities, a group or organization may be required to move to a different room or cancel usage of the facilities.


In the event of damage to FCC facilities, those responsible shall accept the amount of repair and replacement costs as designated by FCC.

For children and youth events, the group or organization using the facilities must provide adequate adult supervision.

Transfer of permission from any group or organization to another to use FCC facilities is strictly prohibited.

Those using FCC facilities must confine their activities to the area (or areas) noted in their Facilities Usage Agreement and will not exceed the capacity limits of the requested areas.

No furniture or equipment may be moved without FCC’s knowledge and permission. No musical equipment may be moved without the consent of FCC’s Director of Music.

With the sole exception of events sponsored by FCC, use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. The use of tobacco products inside the church is also prohibited, as well as the usage of any illicit drugs on the premises.

No group or organization (whether or not a member of FCC is affiliated with such organization) shall use any FCC facilities in any manner that conflicts or contradicts the mission or principles of First Congregational Church, law, regulation or local ordinance.

FCC’s name shall not be used by any group or organization in any manner in advertising or other publicity or any other statements (oral or written) that indicate or imply that First Congregational Church endorses or sanctions the group, organization, event, mission or principles, except for any references to FCC as the location of the applicable event.

First Congregational Church reserves the right to modify, change or terminate these or any other FCC facility usage policies in whole or in part.

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