At First Congregational Church, community is all about sharing.  Sharing food, sharing friendships, sharing hopes and fears … in short, a faith based community can give you support in your life journey or just allow you to meet interesting people you would enjoy getting to know.  FCC is blessed with people of all backgrounds.  You are as likely to meet a high school music teacher as you are a geophysicst who works on the Mars rover program or a seminary student who has studied Reiki and leads meditation sessions.

Community at First Congregational UCC ChurchHere you’ll find friends to share a laugh (even during worship!), a meal, a community task, but most importantly, friends who will accept you as who you are and don’t expect you to confine yourself to certain “approved” groups, ethnic, political, social or otherwise.  Many churches state that they are “friendly,” but at FCC, it is truly a core value.  There are many well educated, accomplished and wise people here.  But it is our sense of humor and the desire to have fun and share a laugh that makes us a bit out of the ordinary.

We truly enjoy each other’s company and welcome getting to know new people who come into our midst.  To people coming to the church for the first time, we like to say, “There are no strangers here, only friends we haven’t met yet!”  So come by find out for yourself and “feel the warmth” at First Congregational Church.

Beyond Sunday worship (which is always followed by coffee, tea and cookies!), you’ll find lots of opportunities to plug into smaller groups.  You can choose to participate in Sunday morning Adult Bible Study, come to a bring a dish to a Breaking Bread dinner, sing in our Chancel Choir, go on a Youth Mission trip, play with the “dingalings” in our Bell Choir, sort food at a local Food Pantry, go to a picnic for families with young children, or join our Wydown Men’s Club or Women’s Gathering.

advent-workshop1Some groups meet once a week, others about once a month and still others are just a one-time event – you can choose the level of commitment that works for you.    We also host many “all-church” annual signature events like the Advent Crafts Workshop, Picnic Sunday, and Blessing of the Animals.  However you’d like to get involved, there will be a place for you here!

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