To Do God's work

To Do God’s work……that is part of our misson statement and one of the reasons we ask you to get involved. You may see some of our members wearing this button pictured here and we encourage you to start an important conversation in your life.
Our purpose statement: To create a culture of service in the congregation that instills permanence, importance and traditions in the life of the church, outside of the church.

What inspires you into service? Are there community problems that are of concern to you? Are you searching for something to help you achieve your other goals for your life? Give voice to your heart through your giving and volunteering! Do it with a community of friends – don’t go into the water alone! Our mission is plain and simple – to inspire you into service, whether local or global, and help you find opportunities that fit you and your gifts.

Have a family with young kids and want to inspire them as well? Busy professional and not enough time? Wanting to give back and not sure where to start? Let us organize it and plug you in…..how easy is that! Join us by working in the Food Pantry, walk in Protest of Hunger, serve dinner to homeless women, Mentor kids and feel the love………get a new perspective on life. Wherever you are on that journey, let us walk with you.

As a congregation, we do target our efforts on our Mission Partners. Click the links above to read more about how you can get involved or our particular mission with local St. Louis agencies. Our diverse congregation is involved with many different efforts in their lives and they each bring new insights and missions for us to evaluate and get involved with. We welcome you to share your interests and outreach efforts with us as well.
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