Top 10 Reasons Why First Congregational Church
Might be Right for You

kids-head-to-sunday-school_21Maybe you are new to the community. Or you are seeking a church home and family in which to raise your kids. Maybe you are seeking a sense of meaning and want to give back to the community. Perhaps you are seeking to make changes in your life or are looking for answers. Whatever you are seeking, we hope you will give First Congregational Church a try.

We know we can’t be all things to all people. But we do try to take an “integrative approach” to our faith and strive to be a church that touches your heart, raises your spirit and challenges your mind.

First Congregational Church Is:

1) A place where you will find people waiting to share God’s “extravagant welcome” with you! Come just exactly as you are … as we like to say, there are no strangers here …only friends we haven’t met yet.

chatting-before-church12) A place to hear God’s word – and receive God’s love. It is God’s loving presence that invites us into a personal and growing relationship. God’s love does not come with conditions, instead God knows our innermost thoughts and loves us without end …just as we are.

3) A place where there is a sense of family, no matter what form your “family” comes in. As an Open and Affirming church we believe that no matter where you are in your journey of life you are welcome here. So whether you are single, married, divorced, in a blended family, with a committed partner, gay, straight, young, old, from a different faith background … no matter what your life’s circumstances you will find acceptance, affirmation and support.

4) A place to challenge your thinking – an informed faith. Historically, the UCC has been a leader in education, valuing the access to quality education for all people. We founded Harvard and Yale as well as many historically black colleges several of which remain affiliated with the UCC to this day. We also value education within our local congregation and recognize that lively discussions and challenging questions lead to a more fully alive faith.

5) A place to find meaning. We all seek a sense of meaning, the feeling that our life has purpose and direction. There is no one way to discover this and so FCC offers many ways to add meaning to your life … through community outreach, music, study, meditation, worship or simply reaching out a hand to a friend.

imag30036) A place to put your faith into action. We believe God truly does work through each one of us if we allow God’s presence into our lives. We try to “walk the walk” practicing what we preach in the larger community and in a world hungry for God’s love. You’ll find a wide range of opportunities to help – from just a few hours in a food pantry to helping build a Habitat for Humanity house over a few months.

7) A place where a strict adherence to a creed or doctrine is not required – our statement of faith reflects what we believe but more importantly it reflects a covenant that keeps us together. And while you do not have to agree to a set doctrine to be a part of FCC you are asked to come into God’s presence with an open, sincere and loving heart.

8) A place with its own unique personality. As a member of the United Church of Christ (UCC) we govern ourselves, call our own pastors, set our own budget and develop our own programs and worship traditions. Each church has its own style, and way of doing things yet we are in covenant relationship with other UCC churches and faith communities. Come check out FCC and see if we are the right fit for you.

9) A place which truly values fun, laughter and friendship. We love to laugh and often do so in worship, choir practice and fellowship. You can participate in Book Club discussions, attend multi-generational “Breaking Bread” dinners, and much more. Although we really enjoy each other’s company, it is our desire to grow and help each other on our faith journey that separates us from a country club or other social group.

10) A place where you just might belong. Becoming a part of the FCC family isn’t about us, it’s about you. What you are looking for, what your needs are and whether you can see yourself here. We don’t believe in applying pressure and are happy to welcome you for your first or your 50th visit and are always ready to answer your questions along the way. But if you think this might be the point where God writes you into the history of FCC, then click here to find out more about joining.

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