Contact Information:Phone: 314-721-7404

Preschool Director: Anne Chao

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At First Congregational Preschool, we believe early childhood is a special and wonderful time in a child’s life with its own unique developmental issues. We recognize that the preschooler is a natural, competent, active learner who learns best through hands-on activities and interactions with a wide range of materials.

We also understand that a young child is most likely to learn and grow in an environment where he or she feels truly accepted, respected, and supported. With this in mind, we offer a nurturing and warm preschool environment with a low student-teacher ratio where children can feel free to grow and develop both personally and as part of a larger classroom and school community. Our experienced staff daily creates a play-oriented learning environment and a child-centered curriculum that encourages children to experiment, discover, and reflect.

First Congregational Preschool opened its doors in 1984. Then as now, we offer a morning or afternoon half-day program to children ages 2 ½ to 5 years old. We are centrally located in the First Congregational Church at 6501 Wydown Blvd. in Clayton.

As of 2015, 54 students are enrolled in our preschool.

In addition to our regular program, we offer an extended day, inquiry-based Enrichment Program where children in a small group setting explore topics in depth over an extended period of time.

Our preschool seeks to enroll children of all backgrounds. You are invited to tour the program! Please call the preschool at (314) 721-7404 to speak to director Anne Chao about the program or to arrange a site visit.

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